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Fortnite Free Skins {Updated} How to Get Free Skins in Fortnite

Fortnite Free Skins Guide

Multiplayer games are not only about winning. Most of the times players want to show off their achievements and earnings. Some do this by showing different camos glittering on their guns while other choose to intimidate the opponents by showing off the character’s outfit in the match.

free skins guide

You would certainly want to fly in the playing field and make other players jealous while you tear them apart in the match. But most of us cannot afford to spend real money on it right! So, the question arises: How can I get some free V-Bucks in the game which will help me raise the bar? We will tell you how.

In this article, we are going to tell you about all legitimate methods that can be used to earn some quick V-Bucks in Fortnite. But the issue here is almost all of the methods mentioned below will require you to purchase the PvE mode Save the World to earn free V-Bucks. Actually, this is the original game launched by Epic Games back in July 25, 2017. Let us get back to business and start talking about the methods to earn some fast V-Bucks in Fortnite.

Play the game on Regular Basis

The best and easiest way to earn some V-Bucks is by simply Logging in into your Fortnite account. Just start the game every day. You daily log-in will reward you with cosmetics as well as V-Bucks. Pretty cool right! And the best part is you don’t have to play even a single match. Simply, just start the game and collect your daily log-in reward. You first free V-Bucks reward will be given after 11th day log-in. What this means is that you’ll receive free V-Bucks on the eleventh day of log-in run. Next v-Bucks rewards will be waiting for you at 28th log-in. Remember this log-in sequence is for Save the World mode. Other editions will have a different sequence. Now we know that this is a very slow process and will months to get you some good count of V-Bucks. Still, it is better than nothing. And you don’t have to complete any challenges in this method. That is why we mentioned that this is by far the easiest and simplest method to earn V-Bucks in Fortnite.

Daily Quests

After completing the main storyline, you’ll receive quests on daily basis that are fairly easy to complete. These will be like daily challenges that you can find in pretty much any online game. These challenges will require you to perform some specific tasks like killing a certain number of enemies, using a special hero or completing a specific number of missions with a hero.

Daily quests grant you nearly 50 V-Bucks or more for every challenge. If you don’t find the time to complete challenge, it will stack up in your quests log. But you can only have a maximum of three challenges in the inventory. So, try to keep up. If you want to get new challenges, try completing one from the stacked three. That will give you a new one next day. Daily quests can be found in the Fortnite main menu at the very top of “Quests”. Click on it and under daily quests, you’ll find the available challenges.

Storm Shield Missions

Another good way to earn V-Bucks is by completing Storm Shield Missions. For players who have no clue what are these, Storm Shield Missions can be found in the four areas that you unlock as you continue the in-game progress in “Save the World”. You’ll get 6 Storm Shield Missions in every area at the start. Remaining 4 will unlock as you progress through. They are a bit of side quests which will come across you after spending some time in the game. Best part about completing these missions is that each of them will give you a whooping 100 V-Bucks and the last mission will grant you 150. Storm Shield Missions are unlocked as you progress through in “Save the World”. So, don’t worry if you don’t many of them at the beginning.

Challenges & Side Quests

These are not the side quests that we just talked about. You should also complete those but these quests are entirely different and they will reward you up to 150 V-Bucks. Not all side quests have this much handsome reward but some of them do. So, it is wise to try to complete them anyway and you’ll be pleased with the earning at the end of the day.

Now challenges are not exactly like side quests. You can use the terms interchangeably but in Fortnite both words have different meanings. See the main difference between challenges and side quests is that challenges are unlocked according to your level at multiple level of the game. You can complete every challenge like 10 times and finishing each time will grant you nearly 50 V-Bucks. So, if you complete a single challenge 10 times, you’ll get a staggering 500 V-Bucks. And that is only for just 1 challenge. Completing it again and again will be easier, especially considering the fact that you are just repeating the action.

Both Challenges and Side Quests can be found in the Fortnite main menu under the Quests.

Event Participation

Events are one of the most fun parts in online gaming now a days. Gone are the old days when you have to get out of the house for an event participation. Now the gaming world is bringing all the fun to your home. You’ll find a whole new set of quests at the event in Fortnite. You can earn tons of v-Bucks by participating in events. In Fortnite, events usually happen at weekly basis and there will be new quests in every event.

Events can be found under Quests menu in the game.

Buy V-Bucks Occasionally

Although this goes against our saying above but buying V-Bucks can give you get you some extra ones. Let us tell you how this works. If you take a look at offer in the game, first one is to get 1000 V-Buck at $9.99 and the next one is get 2500 + 300 (Bonus) at $24.99. So, you will be receiving an extra 300 V-Bucks in the second deal. If you take a look at the last offer, it says buy 10k + 3500 V-Bucks in just $99.99 V-Bucks. What this means is that you’ll get an extra 3500 V-Bucks in the price of 10k. Sounds awesome right! We hope now you understand what we meant by saying buying V-Bucks can get you some extra.

These were some of the most used tricks in the game to earn fast V-Bucks. Lastly, we would strongly suggest that you steer clear of any website that offers free V-Bucks. It will give you spam nothing more. Try to earn the V-Bucks in the right and legitimate way and you can have lots of fun doing it.

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